Insurance Brokers

Getting Insurance cover can be both overwhelming and expensive. There are many different types of Insurance products available so it's important to get the right cover at the best price without compromising on coverage and protection. It's too late to find out when a claim is lodged that the Insurance policy doesn't provide the appropriate cover as this could lead to major financial hardship.

Insurance Brokers can take the stress out of applying for Insurance and provide the peace of mind that you have the right cover required. They are aware of the many Insurance Companies in the market and understand the details of the different Insurance products so it makes sense to get some professional advice and support for your Insurance application journey with Insurance Near Me. Use Insurance Near Me to find Insurance brokers, Insurance Agencies and Insurers near you. Insurance cover is generally for the long-term, most policies have different premiums, various fees and charges and different features so even a small difference could cost or save you thousands of dollars without even making a claim.

Insurance brokers are professional advisors that provide insurance advice to clients for both personal and business Insurance coverage. They help identify all the potential risks involved, research the types of coverage, conditions, price, and terms and then make recommendations on how to manage those risks with suitable Insurance cover.

They can offer a lot of value to their customers by providing them advice and information about competitive deals and also guiding them through the whole Insurance process. Their job is to make the whole process hassle free and they will often to the heavy lifting for you by filling out any paperwork, negotiating the best quotes and deals on the market and be available to answer any questions you may have about the process and manage your application from lodgement to finalisation. They can also provide support and assistance with handling a complex claim.

Remember that the different types of Insurance are definitely not all the same, applying for Insurance is not the same, the criteria and approval process for Insurance is not the same and the people applying for Insurance are also not all the same. This is important when you are applying for different types of Insurance like Car Insurance, Health Insurance, Home Insurance, Business Insurance, Life Insurance etc. or for the same type of Insurance from different insures as you may not be aware of the different setup fees and charges, approval process involved which could save you money and also influence your success in applying for the Insurance. This is why you should look for and approach a professional or several professional Insurance brokers and potentially with local expertise to help ensure you get the best Insurance for the best price.

The great thing about Insurance Brokers is that they have a serviced based mindset of ‘the customer comes first’ philosophy which means that they have the best interests of you as their client at heart and that they are working for you as the customer. Insurance brokers generally provide the good old-fashioned customer service where customers are treated as people and not numbers. Because Insurance brokers are also involved with many different insurers they believe in building and maintaining strong relationships with both clients and Insurers.

Remember that all Insurers have advantages and disadvantages but by getting good advice and by comparing the different Insurance products available you are better equipped to getting the right Insurance Cover and be successful with your Insurance application.

5 Questions to ask an Insurance Broker:

  • How many insurers and underwriting agencies do you have access to?
  • How do you get paid?
  • Are you a Licensed Broker and what Accreditations do you have?
  • How do you decide which type of Insurance and Coverage is the best choice for me?
  • How do I make a claim? will you be able to help me?


The National Insurance Brokers Association is the peak body of the insurance broking profession in Australia.

National Insurance Brokers Association

Insurance Quotes 5 Questions to Ask an Insurance Broker