Insurer says government to pay for COVID-19

'Not enough capital': Insurer says government to pay for COVID-19 By Charlotte Grieve Insurance Australia Group chief executive Peter Harmer says there is not enough capital in the insurance industry globally to cover the financial fallout from COVID-19, as the insurer posted a 60 per cent fall in profit. Mr Harmer said it was the government’s responsibility to foot the bill for the pandemic ahead of the NSW Supreme Court’s decision on whether insurance policies that exclude pandemics are valid. “There is a size of loss that becomes quite systemic where the government needs to act as a shock absorber,” Mr Harmer said. “The government has an interest in making sure we have a viable, sustainable industry.” IAG chief executive Peter Harmer said catastrophic weather events and the pandemic in the second half had undermined the company's bottom line.CREDIT:ANTHONY JOHNSON The test case will determine if insurance policies that rely on an outdated definition o…
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